Yoruba Mothers, one of the best when it comes to child upbringing. (In Nigeria)Yoruba mothers produce the best range of slaps: IGBATI, IFOTI, IGBAJU, IGBARUN, IFORUN, IFAKUN, ILADI, ABARA. This slaps will make you think you were adopted.
IGBATI will make you correct your wrongs instantly! The beauty of IFOTI is, you will confess your sins on the spot. IGBARUN, IGBAJU and IFORUN¬†will make you expose those who committed the crime with you without hesitation. ABARA and ILADI will make you pee in your new pants. Now ABARA is the worst…And apart from IGBAJU, we have an advanced one which is IGBAJU OLOYI. When you receive that one, you’ll loose balance and your head will go into “auto-search” as you’ll be looking for what hit you. This will make you do all the actions of the other slaps above at once!OH! IGBAJU OLOYI… it can reset someone’s view to 3D.God bless our parents for the good upbringing.297369_519096261440115_49234211_n

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I am a priest "Clergyman" with The Church of England "Anglican Communion". I have served the church for over two decades in various capacity both as a Curate as well as a Vicar. I have also work as school chaplain as well as Youth Chaplaincy. I am a man of value and virtue highly conservative. I am very much interactive,endowed with cracking jokes or characterised by a hearty ,joyous humour,i also possessed a spirit of good-fellowship:a wonderful jovial host.

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