The just concluded alternative vote was a total mishmash,an idea that has NO basic focus,but just to pay off the Liberal-Lier Democrats to be king makers in the avenue of our political arena. Nick Clegg is a hopeless politician of our time and his name will go down in our political history as the most worthless politician this country ever produce.

I went to the polling station knowing well what to do and how to cast my vote either YES or No to the so-called hush-hush of a kind of alternative vote,this hush-hush i will explain in due course. I cast my vote and on my way out,i saw one of my neighbour a lady that has already cast her own vote,her own and only citizen’s right in this country. I asked her,how does the vote goes?she replied me,”i just see Yes or No and i picked yes because i do not know what is all about.

On the Question time before this writings,David Dimbleby,said,”why was the idea of this referendum is in a rush,he did mentioned Two or Three referendum that has been on hold for years,now it is well-known that the idea of the so-called ALTERNATIVE VOTE might be for the advantage of Nick Clegg. He will surely fail woefully and be disgraced.

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I am a priest "Clergyman" with The Church of England "Anglican Communion". I have served the church for over two decades in various capacity both as a Curate as well as a Vicar. I have also work as school chaplain as well as Youth Chaplaincy. I am a man of value and virtue highly conservative. I am very much interactive,endowed with cracking jokes or characterised by a hearty ,joyous humour,i also possessed a spirit of good-fellowship:a wonderful jovial host.
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