An eloquent,fluent and erudite scholar both at University of Ghana as well as Harvard University in The USA.

I happened to be the first person to hear his sudden demise on The BBC BREAKING NEWS,extremely shocking news for me and i started contacting some well influential people about the shocking news of Komla’s sudden death. It is very hard and mentally toughened to believed that KOMLA DUMOR is gone to the great beyond.
May your gentle soul continue to REST IN PEACE.
The shocking news of your demise is still a mirage to me and i still can not believe you are gone to The Great beyond. I am one of your ardent listener on The BBC. I am always in Tune to your early morning programme on The BBC World Service. It is very sad that you are gone and not to be seen or hear again. So SAD and highly DEVASTATING.

REST IN PEACE KOMLA…_72372821_komla-foa

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I am a priest "Clergyman" with The Church of England "Anglican Communion". I have served the church for over two decades in various capacity both as a Curate as well as a Vicar. I have also work as school chaplain as well as Youth Chaplaincy. I am a man of value and virtue highly conservative. I am very much interactive,endowed with cracking jokes or characterised by a hearty ,joyous humour,i also possessed a spirit of good-fellowship:a wonderful jovial host.

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