It is not surprising that there are rumours of rancour and ructions and pandemonium within the Liberal Democrat,one rumour that is spreading like harmattan fire now is about the former leader who is considering of decamping to Labour Party: My Dear Honourable you are highly welcome to the Party of Progress. Sir.Menzies Campbell,Hon.Charles Kennedy and all others who are yet to make their opinion known,please make it fast,every one knows that Nick Clegg is a failure to Millions of Voters of Lib-Dem. The “Con-Demn coalition is doomed to failure because it is an Unholy Alliance.

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I am a priest "Clergyman" with The Church of England "Anglican Communion". I have served the church for over two decades in various capacity both as a Curate as well as a Vicar. I have also work as school chaplain as well as Youth Chaplaincy. I am a man of value and virtue highly conservative. I am very much interactive,endowed with cracking jokes or characterised by a hearty ,joyous humour,i also possessed a spirit of good-fellowship:a wonderful jovial host.
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