Spinning globeCRY from THE PULPIT…

One of the write up from who inspire me to politics, both international and local politics. An icon of whom i will always reckon with, when he told me, that he is very convinced of General Mohammadu Buhari’s victory, i did not dispute, but when the race was getting tighter, with all the political propaganda i was getting a bit skeptical, often, i always asked, “are you sure of this victory?, his response is, i can assure you Wunmi, victory is certain.

Today, as we all mark another Easter celebration, we need to have an unshakeable believe in what we do and always be positive in our inclinations.

HAPPY EASTER 2015 and HAPPY CELEBRATION OF VICTORY of the just concluded Presidential Election in Nigeria. via Black ‘n’ White / www.adetoye50.com

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